Planning a Family Sporting Clay Event for the Holidays

When my grandmother said she didn’t have it in her to cook a big holiday meal this year, I suggested guns and dinner. A few of my other family members were gathered with us when I said it. They know I like to bring a little intrigue first before the reveal, so my Aunt said, “Okay, I’ll bite the bait there. What do you mean?” I told her that we could have a Christmas party in Bristol at Lady’s Wood where we all go and shoot clays. No one else knew that they provided that service.

They have the Christmas Cracker package where everyone can eat and shoot 125 clays each. My grandmother told me she didn’t have the energy to cook a huge meal, but that she was ready, willing and able to go shoot clays with me. That’s my grandma! I was glad to be able to perk up her interest for the holidays this year. She is so much looking forward to our scheduled event. She can really shoot, and she is someone to be reckoned with when it comes to clay pigeons. She is not big in stature, but she can wield a shotgun quite well indeed.

I think everyone is on board with the idea. No one need get knackered doing all the work for the family get-together. The staff at Lady’s Wood along with Chef Suzanne will take care of all the heavy lifting so to speak. We can just go as a family and have a great time together. My grandmother slapped me on the back as I was leaving her house that day we were deciding on how we would get together this year. She told me that she was glad I was good for something other than just eating. We have a great relationship that is based on a lot of humor. I told her that I would go easy on her during the shooting competition, and she told me to bring my best because she was ready to beat me.