I Love the New Look of My Office

I looked around at the office I have had for nearly three years. I was not extremely pleased with it, but I also knew that I could have done a lot worse. The best feature of it is the lighting, because of the many windows that are throughout the different offices. Natural light comes in and just makes the entire office look nicer than what it is. I was looking around though and knew that I wanted more, which is why I did a search for office interior solutions. I knew that I did not have the creativity to make it look nicer, but I was willing to pay someone else who did possess that.

I contacted McFeggan Brown the same day I looked at their website. I was really inspired by their own website, and I knew that they were the company that would be able to turn my blah office into a wow office. It is just a small building that has the reception area, three private offices, a meeting room, a break room and a couple of bathrooms. So, it is small, but large enough to warrant a professional helping me to change the look.

When I contacted the company, they were able to come over later that week when I had some free time. They were impressed with the natural lighting as well, but they could see why I was disappointed with the rest. I am really glad they were honest and up front about everything, because that made me trust them much more. They drew up a few different plans, and I liked each one. Choosing just one was the hardest part. Looking at the offices now that they have finished, I can say with confidence that I picked the right plan because this place looks so modern and inviting. I love the new look!