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Books, Books, and More Books. Summer Reading is Here!

Hey ya'll. I'm thrilled to announce that three more books from The Ravens Crossing are now available over at Amazon.










The Ravens Crossing Book Five is an the anthology of all three current Season Five stories written by myself, Andi Lea, and West Thornhill over at The Ravens Crossing. To catch up on Season Five, go here.

There is also a brand new story, for all of those following Darien and Lani. Don't miss the first book in the Wildwood Tides series, a prequal to the current TRC storyline. This story has never appeared on the TRC website. Find out how Darien and Lani met in Hawaii. It's a big adventure which might explain quite a bit about their current relationship. To purchase a copy, click here. 

In addition, for all those following West Thornhill's Wildwood Dreams, the prequal to that story is also available here. Find out how Keenan and Sera met.

And just because it's summer break over at TRC, don't think for a minute there's nothing to read. We have tons of fun summer posts planned, so check back on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to find out what's happening in Wildwood. Have a fantastic summer, and as always thanks for reading!! 


Checking in with Creative Antics

February has been a little wild and joyfully crazy on the Creative Antics front. The new YA project, The Ravens Crossing,  continues to exceed my expectations. Partnerships are being created, new additions continue to appear on the website, and the stories continue to grow and evolve. Many in the community have reached out to offer their support. It's beautiful to see so many people coming together to help us make a difference for LGBTQIA youth. Thanks to all of you. You know who you are. And thanks, specifically, to Team TRC, Andi Lea, West Thornhill, Jess Samuel, Poet Rae, and JD for all the long hours and the unwavering dedication to this dream we continue to build together. I often find myself working these days with a giddy smile on my face, and it's thanks to all of you!

In other updates, the La Playa Blanca story many of you read here is getting some reworking. It has come to my attention from a fantastic editor whom I trust implicitly that perhaps it could use a more linear narrative, and more scenes taking place in the current location of the story. So, edits and rethinking have started. The other ongoing projects continue to progress steadily, as well.

I also got a wild hair the other day and picked one of the prompts for the Goodreads M/M Romance Group's "Love is Always Write" anthology. Hence, the image of the wild haired lions above. It is the prompt picture I chose, along with a prompt from Deanna about a zookeeper and the new vet. This I can do. In case you haven't already read the bio, I was a zookeeper for twenty years once upon a time. I even took care of lions. I'm stoked about writing this story. So, thanks Deanna. I am happily building the characters and working on an outline. All of the stories from this event will be published in an anthology. Ah, another deadline. I live for them. 

So, I'm off to write late into the night. I have a pot of coffee brewing, the cell phone and my collaborators at the touch of a button, and my dog curled up asleep at my feet. She has already given in to the inevitable. 



Welcome to Wildwood!


Today, our tour of The Ravens Crossing (TRC) continues. Visit the perfect neighborhood for a new YA LGBTQ Fantasy Adventure to unfold. Team TRC worked together to decribe some of the places you will read about in Season 1, which starts this coming Monday, February 13th, 2012. We even drew you a little map that our fantastic webmistress quickly fashioned into a digital image for us. It's really cool. So head on over and check out the neighborhood. Tonight at 7, chat with the authors over @twitter. You can follow along at #theravenscrossing.