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Creative Update: TRC Season Four and Art on 12th

Hello world. I am back from a long hiatus. Call it a creative retreat, if you will. The juices have been flowing. I have a few new paintings completed and lots of environmental art showing this weekend. There is an opening tomorrow at my studio, Art on 12th, on the corner of Grace and 12th Street in downtown Lynchburg from 2-4:30. Stop in for good food, good drinks, and lots of art. All of the studios will be open. Here are a couple of my new pieces that will show. Come by and join us tomorrow.











In other news, Season Four of The Ravens Crossing is in full swing. This season, my story, Wildwood Tides, posts every Friday.

Wildwood Tides is focused on Morgan's little brother, Darien, and a smoking hot Water Gaea named Lani he met summer before last while on vacation in Hawaii. Lani broke Darien's heart when he ditched Dare after he left the islands. But, now, Lani has moved to Wildwood, and he wants a second chance. For Darien, the past is not just water under the bridge. Dare's got mad Air Gaea skills that have forced him to be extremely guarded. He doesn't trust easily, and once that trust is broken? Lani is finding out Darien might be gone in a flash.

Check out the story online at www.theravenscrossing.org every Friday. You can also read Wildwood Knights by Andi Lea on Mondays, and Wildwood Dreams by West Thornhill on Wednesdays.  

This project has been running online for over three years, providing free quality YA LGBTQ fiction. The first three seasons are available as eBook anthologies at online booksellers everywhere. A portion of the proceeds from every sale go to our partnering QUILTBAG organizations like The Straight but not Narrow Campaign and The Make it Safe Project of the GSA. Check the book page on this website for links. Hope to see you around the Wildwood neighborhood


The Ravens Crossing: Super Secret Project Revealed!



The Super Sectret Project is here! Yes, if you click the link above you will find yourself in a brand new world of a young adult, LGBTQ, internet-based interactive fantasy, one that sprang from the minds of three authors during morning coffee meetings. It's been a thrill to work on this with my fellow authors and college alums Andi Lea and West Thornhill. We brought on board two other alumnae from our small women's college, Jess as our Managing Editor extraordinaire, and Poet Rae as our supremely talented Website Designer. From there, it grew to a whole team of advisors of all ages, and voila, a project of amazing scope, energy, and creative originality is born. This is something entirely new. Additional features will be added to the website as our story unfolds. You can read below for more information. Or, better yet, head on over to www.theravenscrossing.org. This week, we will be giving you a tour of our new world. Next week, the stories begin. Last, but most certainly not least, many thanks go out to all the fantastic people who continue to work on this project. It's a pleasure to be working with you all!

What is The Ravens Crossing?

The Ravens Crossing (TRC) is a young adult, LGBTQA, internet-based, interactive, fantasy series set in a fictional world within a real city. TRC has been in the planning stages since 2011.

The Ravens Crossing is:

  • Written by multiple authors. Andi Lea, West Thornhill, and Amanda Corlies.
  • Created with a team of editors, content advisors, artists, and graphic designers of all ages.
  • A long term project with an intriguing cast of characters.
  • A series of stories involving multiple characters, multiple points of view, and one goal: To tell a continuing tale of extraordinary events.
  • Celebrating diversity.

Months of development have been dedicated by the TRC team to create something that has never been seen before on the internet. The building blocks were set into motion during a weekly coffee get-together. From there it took on a life of its own. All of the authors agreed to work in a flash fiction style, limiting each daily episode to 1,000 words or less. TRC will grow, change, and evolve as the stories unfold.

What Can Readers Expect?

Expect the unexpected! Readers can find something new at TRC every day of the week.

  • Monday through Saturday: One story each day.
  • Sunday: Special content, news, information, and surprises.
  • Interactive participation: In time, readers will join in the fun. 
  • Direct communication: Chat with the team at TRC.

We Welcome You to a New Experience!

Join us in the Wildwood neighborhood where Wildwood Avenue crosses with Ravens Road. Meet the kids at Wildwood High School as they discover what is happening in The Grove. Where studying for the next exam involves more than reading a textbook. Find out who is secretly crushing, who is bold enough to confess, who isn’t ready to commit, and what everyone will have to do to protect Wildwood.

This week we offer you a sneak peek of what can be found on the site.

  • Tuesday: Meet the Authors.
  • Wednesday: Who’s Who in Wildwood
  • Thursday: Discover Iowa City
  • Friday: Check Out the Wildwood Neighborhood
  • Saturday: Why the Raven?

Next week, the stories begin.