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Roughing it with Puffins

Today I dropped this puffin painting off at it's new forever home with Miss Chelsea. She was so excited to know it was coming that she met me at the door before I had even knocked. Before I had driven the fifteen minute drive back to my house, she was already posting pictures of hanging it on her wall in a prominant spot over her bed. This made my entire week, that something I painted could already bring such joy to a friend who also happens to suffer from a dibilitating disease. So for the next story behind the painting, I thought it fitting that I tell the story of Chelsea's puffins. I hope you enjoy it as much as she did.


 Life at Sea

Puffins spend the majority of their lives at sea, only coming to land with their bond mate to dig a burrow into sheer rock cliffs, and breed. They lay and incubate their eggs on the cold rocks, and rear one to two voracious chicks. Even on land, they return to the sea continually, diving to depths of more than one hundred feet, in search of fish to feed themselves and their young.  When the chicks fledge the nest, they do so by literally jumping off a cliff and plunging into the sea. In fact, they spend the first five years of their lives at sea while they learn to dive and hunt the dark waters for themselves. When I think my life is tough, I think of the puffins and take comfort. 

This painting was commissioned by Chelsea Larigey, who suffers from a horribly debilitating disease known as ME or myalgic encephalomyelitis. 100% of the proceeds went to fund research for finding a cure and defining better treatments for ME. For more information on how to help those who suffer from ME/CFS visit solvecfs.org.

If you are interested in more about puffins, or you just want to spy on live ones for a bit, check out Audobon's new spy cam and their alerts from the Atlantic Puffins breeding grounds.



The Point of No Return

The big day has arrived and my two woman art show opens this evening at The Soul Cafe at 6. This point always feels a bit like the point of no return to me. All the work is done, and my babies are hung and looking their best, all shiney on the walls. The promotional materials are in order. The drumming group that's performing, of which I am also a member, is...winging it. But that's okay. It's what we do and we always manage to pull that off.  So, really I should be able to stop worrying right? BWAHAHAHA. Fat chance. While I try not to be nervous, here are a few more images of my "Marginalized" animal portraits from this parcitular show. But, before I run off to the opening, don't forget to head over to The Ravens Crossing today for Sharon & Alex's story. Freaky stuff is happening in Hazel's store room. You don't want to miss it. Have a fantastic Friday!

The Watering Hole, Pastel by Amanda Corlies SandosOn the Wing, Watercolor by Amanda Corlies SandosThe Bee Eater, Pastel by Amanda Corlies Sandos