Every Work of Art has a Story.

Every Story is an Inspiration.


Penguin Bloopers and The Keeper of the Zoo

Welcome to my first official blog of 2014, and welcome all the readers from my Keeper of the Zoo blog. I hope you will continue coming here for zoo news, animal stories, and general Amanda Corlies Creative Antics from now on. Please enjoy this fantastic video of penguin bloopers for stopping by, and Happy 2014!


Happy Holidays. Nothing More...

So I heard this song, and immediately fell in love. It seems approriate for the holiday season that I should share it and wish you all a happy time with family and friends. In the spirit intended, may you practice random acts of kindness with perfect strangers, too. Enjoy the Alternate Routes.

All the best to you and yours.


The Return of the Sun

In honor of the sun making it's reappearance after a long winter's week, here's a little Jimmy Fallon and The Roots with the Sesame Street gang. It's garuanteed to make you smile! 

Have a glorious day!



Creative Update: TRC Season Four and Art on 12th

Hello world. I am back from a long hiatus. Call it a creative retreat, if you will. The juices have been flowing. I have a few new paintings completed and lots of environmental art showing this weekend. There is an opening tomorrow at my studio, Art on 12th, on the corner of Grace and 12th Street in downtown Lynchburg from 2-4:30. Stop in for good food, good drinks, and lots of art. All of the studios will be open. Here are a couple of my new pieces that will show. Come by and join us tomorrow.











In other news, Season Four of The Ravens Crossing is in full swing. This season, my story, Wildwood Tides, posts every Friday.

Wildwood Tides is focused on Morgan's little brother, Darien, and a smoking hot Water Gaea named Lani he met summer before last while on vacation in Hawaii. Lani broke Darien's heart when he ditched Dare after he left the islands. But, now, Lani has moved to Wildwood, and he wants a second chance. For Darien, the past is not just water under the bridge. Dare's got mad Air Gaea skills that have forced him to be extremely guarded. He doesn't trust easily, and once that trust is broken? Lani is finding out Darien might be gone in a flash.

Check out the story online at www.theravenscrossing.org every Friday. You can also read Wildwood Knights by Andi Lea on Mondays, and Wildwood Dreams by West Thornhill on Wednesdays.  

This project has been running online for over three years, providing free quality YA LGBTQ fiction. The first three seasons are available as eBook anthologies at online booksellers everywhere. A portion of the proceeds from every sale go to our partnering QUILTBAG organizations like The Straight but not Narrow Campaign and The Make it Safe Project of the GSA. Check the book page on this website for links. Hope to see you around the Wildwood neighborhood


My Father is Epic!

There he is, my dad. Would you look at that smile! Always good with a corny joke, he is such an amazing influence on my life, and believe me, I know how lucky that makes me. So, today, for Father's Day, I thought I would share with you a few of the things he's taught me. 

Of course, I always tell people I got my imagination from my dad. He loves to make up stories. So, it's not at all surprising that I now make up and publish my own. In fact, the first story I remember telling was in a car in Pittsburg, when Dad and I saw a man in a green jogging suit and green Nikes running, and we made up a story about the jogging tadpole. We spent a long time amusing ourselves with that tale during our vacation that year until I think my mom was ready to kick us both out of the car.

Dad used to read me my favorite stories, but he would embellish them with his own ideas. At first, this was to teach me to read the words correctly and prove that he was reading it wrong, but later it became our tradition to take those stories and make up things that suited our own imaginings. To this day, I read books and get ideas on what I would do differently if I was telling the tale. 

My all time favorite children's story to make up things about with Dad was Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Syndak. Is it any wonder that I spent twenty years as a zookeeper? I still make art about the wild things, and I love the great outdoors. Dad was the director of a Presbyterian camp for much of my childhood, so you see, we spent more time together in the woods than in our own living room, and we were both okay with that. I still feel at home in the woods. 

One of the greatest lessons I attribute to my Dad, the thing that makes him truly epic, is the fact that he has always treated everyone as equals, no matter how different they might seem. An old family story about my Dad goes like this. When my parents were living in Rock Hill, South Carolina in the sixties, they made friends with a black couple. Shock and scandal. Dad was the minister at a church at that time, and of course, everything was still segregated.

So, when the KKK decided to teach my Dad a lesson, they come to the church in their robes for his Sunday sermon. My Dad's reaction? He said to the congregation, "Look everyone, apparently the circus is in town." Then, he proceeded to change his sermon and he preached about doing unto others as you would have done to yourself. This gives you an idea of the kind of guy my dad is. He's the kind of guy who would, quite literally, roast marshmallows on the burning cross in his front yard to prove he wouldn't be intimidated by small minded people.

So, when I get involved in Human Rights, when I make it a priority to speak out about equality for everyone, no exceptions, not matter race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, I can honestly say, this mindset is something I learned from my Dad. His epic actions have always spoken just as loudly as his words. Happy Father's Day, Dad. Thanks for the life lessons. I carry them with me every day.