Vision Gives Me the Advantage

My father and I started taking clay pigeon shooting lessons last year because we thought it would be a good way for us to have fun. Over the years, we’ve done various things, some of them pretty normal and some outrageous. We’ve gone through our share of times fishing at the lake, have done fishing in the ocean, and have even tried salmon fishing by swiping our hands at a stream like a bear. We’ve gone sky diving, horseback riding, and deep sea diving. For us, life is pretty much the ultimate adventure.

My father made a bet with me that he would be able to shoot more pigeons on the first day than I would. The bet was for $50. He was so sure that he would be able to get more than me, but I kept telling him that I would be better because I have better eyesight. My father wears glasses, and I don’t, not to mention that he’s much older than me. Continue reading Vision Gives Me the Advantage

Planning a Family Sporting Clay Event for the Holidays

When my grandmother said she didn’t have it in her to cook a big holiday meal this year, I suggested guns and dinner. A few of my other family members were gathered with us when I said it. They know I like to bring a little intrigue first before the reveal, so my Aunt said, “Okay, I’ll bite the bait there. What do you mean?” I told her that we could have a Christmas party in Bristol at Lady’s Wood where we all go and shoot clays. No one else knew that they provided that service.

They have the Christmas Cracker package where everyone can eat and shoot 125 clays each. My grandmother told me she didn’t have the energy to cook a huge meal, but that she was ready, willing and able to go shoot clays with me. That’s my grandma! I was glad to be able to perk up her interest for the holidays this year. She is so much looking forward to our scheduled event. She can really shoot, and she is someone to be reckoned with when it comes to clay pigeons. Continue reading Planning a Family Sporting Clay Event for the Holidays

We Want to Reduce Our Portion of Waste

There are times I just get disgusted with humans. I hope that is not taken the wrong way, but sometimes we just don’t think. Take a look at how much food we waste every day. How much water we waste when there are people who have no access to clean water. We are putting things in landfills that are extremely dangerous. I was reading up on this one evening, and I knew that I needed to look further into waste management services after seeing just how much of a difference can be made when we take active steps to live better lives here.

I am not trying to sound poetic or like I am the superhero of environmentalists, because that is just not the case. I do know that if we all do our part though, that we can make this world a much better place. I was interested in food waste management the most, which makes sense since I am in the food industry. Continue reading We Want to Reduce Our Portion of Waste

I Love the New Look of My Office

I looked around at the office I have had for nearly three years. I was not extremely pleased with it, but I also knew that I could have done a lot worse. The best feature of it is the lighting, because of the many windows that are throughout the different offices. Natural light comes in and just makes the entire office look nicer than what it is. I was looking around though and knew that I wanted more, which is why I did a search for office interior solutions. I knew that I did not have the creativity to make it look nicer, but I was willing to pay someone else who did possess that. Continue reading I Love the New Look of My Office