Vision Gives Me the Advantage

My father and I started taking clay pigeon shooting lessons last year because we thought it would be a good way for us to have fun. Over the years, we’ve done various things, some of them pretty normal and some outrageous. We’ve gone through our share of times fishing at the lake, have done fishing in the ocean, and have even tried salmon fishing by swiping our hands at a stream like a bear. We’ve gone sky diving, horseback riding, and deep sea diving. For us, life is pretty much the ultimate adventure.

My father made a bet with me that he would be able to shoot more pigeons on the first day than I would. The bet was for $50. He was so sure that he would be able to get more than me, but I kept telling him that I would be better because I have better eyesight. My father wears glasses, and I don’t, not to mention that he’s much older than me. Continue reading Vision Gives Me the Advantage