Cougar Kittens Brave a New World

Spring at the NC Zoo is always a busy time. But, this year I miss the busy quite a bit. That's probably because  I keep getting all these amazing baby videos and photos. Who can resist Cougar cubs? Check out the videos below. The first is their most recent, their first exploration of their new exhibit, and the second is an earlier group of clips of them playing in their quarantine housing, where all arrivals at the zoo stay when they first enter the animal collection until they have been deemed healthy and disease free. Since they are now on exhibit, we can assume the kittens are all in good health. Yay! They will be making brief outings into their exhibit over the next few weeks until their keepers feel they are ready to brave the public and their new home on a regular basis. Happy housewarming and best of luck, kitties! 




Baby Otter's First Swim

After years of trying, the NC Zoo finally has an otter pup. This little girl is eight weeks old and apparently, Mom got tired of waiting for her to get in the water. Check out the video footage that was sent to me courtesy of my friends at the zoo. I love how the mother just pushes her into the water. It's time, little lady. Having helped the zoo raise a reluctant swimmer named Amy many years ago, by wading her into the nearby pond and having her literally try to climb inside my clothes to avoid the swim, I can get behind mother otter's technique here. Amy eventually learned to swim as all otter's should. But, since this little girl, who is not yet named, seems to be born to it, perhaps we could have been a little less timid with Amy. Ah, well. Live and learn.




 The pup, who was born on January 15th, now has access to her exhibit with mom, so if you are lucky, you might just see them in person at the NC Zoo.

For those who cannot visit Asheboro in person, you can get regular updates by joining the NC Zoo's facebook page, or by going directly to their website. All the best to baby otter, her parents, and her keepers. 


Season Five Has Officially Started.

The Ravens Crossing is celebrating it's two years anniversary in style. We have just released the anthology of Season Four. Click the book cover image for the link. This year, we have formatted the stories a bit differently with three stand alone stories by three authors that take place in the same universe. There are lots of cameos and cross over among all the characters, but each story can be read separately in it's entirety. 

Season Five of the stories started Monday with Wildwood Knights by Andi Lea. Wednesdays are Wildwood Dreams by West Thornhill, and my story, Wildwood Tides, posts every Friday. So head on over to to read free YA LGBTQA stories every week. Check out my Books page above for links to the previous seasons and catch up on The Thirteen and all the fun in Wildwood at The Ravens Crossing!

Coming soon, three prequel stories, one of each of the current TRC stories showing how our main characters met. Stay tuned...


Celebrating with Books, Books, and More Books!

Our new cover designs for TRC's upcoming books are spectacular, thanks to Andi Lea and Poet Rae, our cover designers. Below are the covers for The Ravens Crossing Season 4 Anthology, plus three Season Four Prequel stories that are slated for release very soon. It's our two year anniversary. What better way to celebrate than by releasing a few good books to read?

Stay tuned for links to the books so you can tell your friends!!

Season Five of The Ravens Crossing begins on this coming Monday. There is never a dull moment in Wildwood! 



Penguin Bloopers and The Keeper of the Zoo

Welcome to my first official blog of 2014, and welcome all the readers from my Keeper of the Zoo blog. I hope you will continue coming here for zoo news, animal stories, and general Amanda Corlies Creative Antics from now on. Please enjoy this fantastic video of penguin bloopers for stopping by, and Happy 2014!